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Innovations & Challenges in Insulator Design for UHV

Among the challenges in insulator design for UHV applications is to fulfil required lengths while also mitigating resulting negative effects on insulation and mechanical performance. Insulators are offered today in a range of different materials and... Read More

Development of Polymeric Insulation for Today’s Network Requirements

Composite insulators are now the dominant type selected for overhead line applications worldwide and growing rapidly in application at substations as well. But this development did not happen ‘overnight’. In fact, some five decades of service experience... Read More

Innovative Tower Solutions & Line Uprating

The advent of composite insulators began during the 1950s, first in the U.S. and soon after in Germany and France. User acceptance was slow at the start and these products went through the ‘teething’ problems common to most technological innovations.... Read More

Tropical Paradise, Yes but Not for Overhead Distribution

This picturesque, palm-filled scene from southern Thailand conveys a sense of nothing but serene, natural beauty. Yet, lurking hidden in this same image are some of the most important stresses that adversely impact overhead distribution – coastal pollution,... Read More

Pre-Coating RTV Silicone onto Glass Disc Insulators

Most application of RTV silicone material has traditionally been as a remedial measure to mitigate pollution-related flashovers of insulators suffering poor service performance. Indeed, coatings have been viewed for years mainly as a maintenance product... Read More

Urban Substation Project Part of Power Grid Refurbishment in Mexico City

Urban Substation Project Part of Power Grid Refurbishment in Mexico City

As elsewhere in North America and across many countries in Europe, much of the power infrastructure in Mexico is nearing 50 years and in need of modernization. This is particularly true for the country’s capital, Mexico City, a bustling metropolis that is... Read More

Approach & Case Studies of Insulator Dimensioning for AC to DC Line Conversion

Increasing market integration between countries and introduction of renewable energy sources on a larger scale has resulted in a growing demand for enhanced capacity in transmission systems. As a consequence, utilities are presently uprating or building new... Read More