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Bosnian Utility Implemented Program to Monitor Condition of Station Arresters

To protect expensive assets at its substations, Elektroprenos BiH – the company operating the power system in Bosnia and Herzegovina – began installing metal oxide (MO) surge arresters in each of its HV transformer bays about 20 years ago. Over the years... Read More

Substation Surge Protection

Protecting substations from lightning and switching surges that lead to insulation flashover has been a key issue for as long as there have been power systems. While this need has remained constant over 100+ years, options on how best to mitigate high voltage... Read More

Approach & Case Studies of Insulator Dimensioning for AC to DC Line Conversion

Increasing market integration between countries and introduction of renewable energy sources on a larger scale has resulted in a growing demand for enhanced capacity in transmission systems. As a consequence, utilities are presently uprating or building new... Read More

Microstructure Impacts Varistor Performance

Early in the process of producing stable and effective formulations of zinc oxide (ZnO), tests at one major supplier showed that an experimental batch of blocks/discs under development had a turn on voltage only half of what it should have been (i.e. a 4 kV... Read More

Applying RTV Silicone Coatings to Restore Degraded Composite Housings

Since the early 1990s there has been growing application of composite-housed HV apparatus at substations. This has particularly been the case for instrument transformers where the safe failure mode of a silicone housing compared to porcelain is seen as a... Read More

Substation Changed CT Technology to Resolve Problems of Oil Leaks

Oil leaking from current transformers presents a problem not only from the obvious maintenance perspective but also in terms of environmental impact. One Chinese power utility faced with exactly such a situation at one of its important substations has chosen... Read More

Portuguese Utility Aims to Enhance Green Image & Reliability KPIs

This past May marked a milestone for Energias de Portugal (EDP) as the entire country kept its lights on for four consecutive days using only electricity generated by wind, hydraulic, biomass and solar power. This was apparently a first in Europe, if not the... Read More

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