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PPC Insulators

Standards & Progress in Insulator Technology

Standards have great impact on any industry since quality of standards determines quality and stability of products and ultimately customer confidence in these products. As such, it is fair to state: “no standard – no business”. IEC TC 36, the Standards... Read More

Impact of Climate Change on Power Systems & Electrical Insulation: Experience in Italy

Heavy snow over the Italian Dolomites in December 2013 left tourists enduring an extended blackout in one of Europe’s most exclusive winter resorts. Then, in March 2015, central Italy was hit by a major storm with over a meter of snow combined with strong... Read More

Experience with Design & Erection of Insulated Cross-Arms

The Belgian transmission system is an integral part of the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENSTO-E). It is therefore vital that the country’s TSO, Elia, makes provisions for increasing energy imports and exports. Another key driver is... Read More

Application of Composite Interphase Spacers to Prevent Conductor Galloping

Application of composite insulators on transmission lines has increased steadily due to their performance advantages as well as lower acquisition and life cycle costs. At the same time, these insulators have also offered solutions in other areas where ceramic... Read More

Materials Toward Development of Insulators of the Future

Among the goals of power systems these days is that a growing share of energy be supplied from renewable sources. At the same time, power systems have to become more controllable to optimize power flow and reduce losses. The classical power system must... Read More

MOV Protection of Series Capacitor Banks

Series capacitor banks serve the purpose of increasing power flow on an existing power system by reducing line impedance and basically consist of capacitors as well as their protective system. Their application dates back to 1928 when the first such bank –... Read More

Asset Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics

Ensuring a high level of availability in supply of electrical power has traditionally been accomplished through sufficient system redundancy as well as specification of only well-proven and sometimes over-dimensioned network components. Intensive manpower and... Read More