HV/HP Testing

Testing & Analyzing Heat Transfer of Unique 7.2 kV Cable Termination

March 17, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, HV/HP Testing, TestingComments (0)

Following the catastrophic failure at a generating station of a T3 bus-tie cable pothead installed in an oilfilled steel tank operating at 13.8 kV, the Transmission Engineering Department at BC Hydro was asked to investigate the cause and develop a repair strategy. The pothead was of unorthodox design and consisted of a 7.5 kV porcelain ...

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Experience in Mexico Evaluating HV Bushings Retired from Service

Experience in Mexico Evaluating HV Bushings Retired from Service

March 3, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, HV/HP Testing

Mexico’s power system operator, the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) relies on more than 470 substations with a total of circa 2700 power transformers from 115 kV to 400 kV. Most of these are equipped with oil impregnated paper bushings (OIP) while...

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Ageing of Porcelain Insulators

February 24, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, HV/HP Testing, Testing

The concept of ageing is something most associated with composite insulators. However, this does not suggest that other types of insulators do not also age. This past INMR article presented results of tests performed on behalf of an American utility that...

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Testing for Safety & Risks Affecting Operation of HV Cable Terminations, Bushings & Arresters

January 6, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Article of the week, HV/HP Testing, Testing

Not long ago, a HV cable termination operating in a Mediterranean country experienced catastrophic failure, sending high velocity porcelain shards in all directions. The installation happened to be next to a parking lot but fortunately this occurred on a day...

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Reducing Ice Accretion Using ‘Super-Hydrophobic’ Coatings on Conductors & Insulators

December 22, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Article of the week, HV/HP Testing

CIGRE Brochure 438 (2010) reviews systems to predict and monitor ice accretion on power networks and also discusses the different anti-icing and deicing methods currently available. These countermeasures are divided into both ‘active’ methods (such as...

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Assessing Performance of Different Conductor & Line Hardware Configurations

December 9, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, HV/HP Testing

There are only a few installations worldwide whose purpose is to assess performance of different designs of line hardware and conductors under stresses caused by environmental factors such as wind and icing. One of these, operated by Hydro-Québec, is located...

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Dielectric Testing of 400 kV Polymeric Insulators

October 7, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, HV/HP Testing, Insulators, Testing

Dielectric type tests of insulator sets have been performed for decades to ensure satisfactory electrical performance when these are installed on distribution and transmission lines. Recently, four fully accredited high voltage test laboratories performed a...

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Design & Testing Station Insulators from Icing Point of View

October 2, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, HV/HP Testing, Insulators, Testing

Pollution exposure under icing and snow is a highly relevant environmental factor for dielectric reliability of post insulators at air-insulated substations, especially in the case of HVDC. This exposure also affects key equipment that relies on post...

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