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Third Party Testing & Certification

Among the recent trends impacting the electrical products industry is intense global competition across the supply chain, placing unprecedented emphasis on cost and product optimization. This has caused products to be designed within ‘tighter envelopes’... Read More

Mediterranean Test Station Provides Challenging Environment for Electrical Insulation

In spite of years spent developing sophisticated laboratory tests to reproduce the stresses faced by network components in service, many power engineers still believe that experience at an outdoor test station offers the definitive measure of expected field... Read More

Can Simulation Replace Laboratory Testing?

The transmission and distribution sector is facing the constant challenge of delivering reliable as well as affordable electrical power. Hence it is always looking for ways to improve on both. Standards-based certification of equipment has traditionally been... Read More

Experience in Mexico Evaluating HV Bushings Retired from Service

Experience in Mexico Evaluating HV Bushings Retired from Service

Mexico’s power system operator, the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) relies on more than 470 substations with a total of circa 2700 power transformers from 115 kV to 400 kV. Most of these are equipped with oil impregnated paper bushings (OIP) while... Read More

Assessing Performance of Different Conductor & Line Hardware Configurations

There are only a few installations worldwide whose purpose is to assess performance of different designs of line hardware and conductors under stresses caused by environmental factors such as wind and icing. One of these, operated by Hydro-Québec, is located... Read More

Testing & Analyzing Heat Transfer of Unique 7.2 kV Cable Termination

Following the catastrophic failure at a generating station of a T3 bus-tie cable pothead installed in an oilfilled steel tank operating at 13.8 kV, the Transmission Engineering Department at BC Hydro was asked to investigate the cause and develop a repair... Read More

Reducing Ice Accretion Using ‘Super-Hydrophobic’ Coatings on Conductors & Insulators

CIGRE Brochure 438 (2010) reviews systems to predict and monitor ice accretion on power networks and also discusses the different anti-icing and deicing methods currently available. These countermeasures are divided into both ‘active’ methods (such as... Read More