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Transformer Bushing Reliability Survey & Risk Mitigation Measures (Part 2 of 2)

Statistics show that bushings are one of the main contributors to transformer failure. Their failure therefore has huge impact on reliability as well as safety of the system and operators managing the asset. With this in mind, major utilities in southeast... Read More

Transformer Bushing Reliability

A high voltage bushing is one of the most critical components in a power transformer. Indeed, failure statistics for power transformers show that bushings are one of the three main contributors to failures, which can have catastrophic impact on reliability as... Read More

Proactive Bushing Fleet Management

Bushings are highly reliable components. However, if failed, the typical result is extended downtime of a power transformer with not only heavy financial losses but also challenges imposed on the system operator to compensate for the lost unit. Since the... Read More

Diagnostic Measurement & Monitoring of HV Bushings

Measurement of capacitance and dielectric dissipation factor (power factor) is a proven diagnostic to assess the condition of high voltage bushings. In the past, dielectric response measurements in the frequency domain with frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS)... Read More

Program of Pollution Countermeasures Paid Off at Key Transmission Substation

In the early 2000s, an important substation supplying power to a cluster of process-based industries in Canada recorded a decade without unplanned outages. While this may not seem so extraordinary, what makes the achievement remarkable is that during the... Read More

Experience with Mold Growth on Silicone Bushings

With the dramatic growth in application of composite insulators, there have been periodic reports concerning mold growth and its possible impact on electrical performance. Users will therefore need to know what is the best course of action to follow should... Read More

Bushings Technology Review: Current Designs & Future Tendencies

Bushings are devices that allow high voltage conductors to pass through the earthed walls of transformers, switchgear and substation structures. An integral part of this function involves meeting all the electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements of the... Read More

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