Transmission Structures

Impact of Stress Cone & Joint Body Expansion Rate on Electric Field Stress

September 15, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable Accessories, Transmission Structures

Layout of pre-moulded stress cones for elastomeric cable accessories is designed and optimized using computer calculations of electrical stress on the accessory. During installation, however, stress cones are expanded, thereby reducing thicknesses of the insulating rubber and also causing the semi-conductive...

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The World’s Remarkable Transmission Structures

September 3, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Transmission Structures

Over 20 years INMR has visited and reported on hundreds of transmission lines throughout the world – crossing deserts, rain forests, urban areas, towering...

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Recent Progress Standardizing Recommended Creepage in DC

August 18, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Editorial Columns, Reporting from CIGRE, Transmission Structures

Today’s demand for integrating renewables into energy supply has made HVDC transmission a much more interesting option than in the past. This is triggered by...

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Toward More Aesthetic Power Lines

July 22, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Transmission Structures, Utility Practice & Experience

The issue of grid aesthetics is really a question of image. For example, the concept of ‘industrial soldiers marching across the landscape’ was used to...

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Design Principles for External Insulation at Converter Stations up to 1100 kV

Design Principles for External Insulation at Converter Stations up to 1100 kV

March 26, 2016 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Transmission Structures

External insulation is one of the critical design aspects for HVDC equipment at converter stations. This is especially the case for UHVDC systems. The basic...

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Development & Implementation of 400 kV Eagle Transmission Tower

March 6, 2016 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Transmission Structures

One of the consequences of the Danish Energy policy is that the transmission grid has to expand. Fluctuating wind generation places strong requirements on the...

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