PPC Insulators

Comparison of Methodologies to Detect Damaged Composite Insulators

As the rate of application of composite insulators on overhead lines has spiralled in recent years, accurate methods to monitor them for critical damage (especially internal defects) have taken on prime importance. Apart from the obvious impact on reliability... Read More

Detecting Composite Insulator Designs Susceptible to Brittle Fracture

The population of composite insulators in medium and high voltage grids worldwide is growing constantly. As numbers of these insulators increase, so do cases of failure. In HV networks, a sudden and serious failure mode called brittle facture has occurred... Read More

Corona Camera Supplier Extends Product Range

Mitigating the presence and impact of corona on overhead lines and at substations is among the important tasks confronting power system operators. The reason for this is that, if left unchecked, corona can lead to a variety of problems, including progressive... Read More