PPC Insulators

Failures on 400 kV Lines in Venezuela Highlighted Importance of Corona Rings on Composite Insulators

It is already well known that composite insulators used at transmission voltages have to be equipped with corona rings to reduce the risk of severe erosion to their polymeric housings. Yet, there are still cases where such insulators are either installed... Read More

Optimizing Insulation Design for Harsh Service Environments

Guidelines for insulator selection under pollution in AC are already available in IEC 60815 series 1, 2 & 3 and work is underway in IEC TC 36-WG 11 as well as in CIGRE WG C4-03-03 to extend them to DC. While these guidelines are intended to simplify... Read More

Comparing UV & IR Diagnostic Inspection of Lines & Substations

One of the issues in maintenance of overhead lines and substations relates to better understanding what is being revealed during ultraviolet or infrared inspections of equipment and hardware. Do these two technologies highlight the same problem or are they... Read More

Sampling Based Maintenance: Assessing Condition of Composite Insulators After Years of Service

With their growing popularity as the insulator of choice for many line projects throughout the world, the ideal inspection program for silicone insulators has become a hot topic. This is particularly the case since, even after years of investigating... Read More

Protective Devices Installed to Reduce Wildlife Outages at Distribution Substation

Among the most vulnerable links in any power network are the points of interaction between live equipment and wildlife – from birds to scavenging carnivores. Taken together, these creatures present a constant threat to the safe operation of network assets.... Read More

Thermal Inspections Help Florida Utility Prioritize Maintenance at Substations

Among the best known technologies to assess the condition of power network assets are infrared and ultraviolet imaging. Both have been used now for decades and rely on specialized cameras that have evolved considerably over the years. The common direction of... Read More

Insulator Test Station Helps Support Preventative Maintenance Strategy

While insulators account for less than 10% of the total cost of new overhead lines and substations, the potential consequences of their improper selection and poor performance are estimated to account for up to 60% of the Life Cycle Cost of these... Read More