Innovations & Challenges in Insulator Design for UHV

December 8, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Insulators, Utility Practice & ExperienceComments Off on Innovations & Challenges in Insulator Design for UHV

Among the challenges when it comes to insulator design for UHV applications is to fulfil required lengths while also mitigating resulting negative effects on insulation and mechanical performance. Efforts can be made in system design to reduce levels of switching overvoltages. Similarly, creepage distances can be decreased through selection of insulators...

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Insulator Dimensioning for AC to DC Line Conversion

December 8, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Insulators

Increasing market integration between countries and introduction of renewable energy sources on a larger scale has resulted in a growing demand for enhanced capacity in transmission systems. As a consequence, several utilities in Europe and elsewhere have... Read More

Pollution & Ageing Performance of Composite DC Line Insulators: Service & Test Experience

December 8, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Article of the week, Insulators

About 20 million composite line insulators are already in service on HVAC overhead lines all over the world. Moreover, the growth in market penetration of this technology seems exponential. The first installations were in Germany in 1967, predominantly in... Read More

Design & Installation of Composite Insulators for New ±525 kV DC Line

December 1, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Insulators

Statnett, the TSO in Norway, has reinforced the electrical transmission grid in the country’s southwest due to a new HVDC submarine cable connection to Germany. The project consisted of 250 km of new transmission lines, voltage upgrading of 60 km of... Read More

Renewables, Smart Grids & Insulators

November 24, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Insulators

There is a relationship between trendy terms such as ‘renewables’ as well as ‘smart grids’ and electrical insulators, which most people view as just another piece of hardware in a power system. In the interests of protecting the environment and... Read More

Transmission Utility Re-Designed Insulator Strings to Upgrade Thermal Rating of Lines

November 17, 2018 • Insulators

A decade ago, CEPS, the Transmission System Operator in the Czech Republic, faced the need to increase the longitudinal profiles of several overhead transmission lines. The goal was to increase phase-to-earth clearances at critical locations with the ultimate... Read More

Porcelain Insulator Plant Invests in Expanded Production Capabilities

November 10, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Insulators

The past two decades have seen the marketplace for high voltage porcelain insulators impacted by intense global competition as well as a serious challenge from hollow core composite technology. At the same time, the growing number of HVDC and UHV AC and DC... Read More

Optimal Dimensioning of Grading Rings for Composite Insulators

November 10, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Insulators

One of the most important parameters for composite insulators is hydrophobicity, allowing superior insulation performance compared to ceramic cap & pin strings. However, these initial hydrophobic properties can deteriorate in service if there is... Read More

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