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Silicones & Cable Accessories

January 13, 2018 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable AccessoriesComments Off on Silicones & Cable Accessories

The recent INMR WORLD CONGRESS in Barcelona-Sitges offered a session dedicated to cable accessories. Expert presenters exchanged views about general technical trends in the industry but also about specific topics related to medium and high voltage cable accessories. These included the role these accessories play in the future grid and related safety...

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Condition Assessment of High Voltage Cable Terminations

November 25, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable Accessories

Condition assessment of power transmission devices such cable systems is essential for their reliable operation. For example, diagnostics of oil-filled cables is important for transmission system operators to provide an indication of remaining lifetime. This...

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Silicone Elastomers for Cable Accessory Applications

October 21, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable Accessories

The majority of power cables these days are extruded XLPE-insulated types. These cables consist of a conductor, an inner conductive layer, the main insulation layer, an outer conductive layer, an outer conductor and an outer insulation/jacket. At places where...

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Cable Accessories as Enablers for the Grid of the Future

October 14, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable Accessories

Power grids and distribution networks currently face challenges such as increased urbanization and integration of renewable energy sources and related storage possibilities. These factors will lead to previously unconsidered energy flows as well as totally...

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Transition Cable Joints Serve Growing Role

Transition Joints Serve Growing Role

August 4, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable Accessories

The population of installed paper-insulated cables at low and medium voltages is estimated to still represent over half of the underground networks in many countries. However, these days, virtually 100 percent of new cable installations are polymeric type....

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Testing Cable Terminations Under Polluted Conditions

June 24, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable Accessories, Testing

Cables and their accessories are an integral part of power networks and, whenever there is a transition to them from either overhead lines or busbars, the ends are sealed using terminations. Terminations are of different construction depending on whether the...

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Adapting Cable Accessories for Onshore & Offshore Substations

June 10, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable Accessories

Dry type outdoor cable terminations and dry pluggable solutions for GIS and transformers have been developed now for over 25 years – driven by ease of installation as well as service stability and performance. In recent years, growing demand for such cable...

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Development & Testing of Explosion- Resistant Cable Terminations

Explosion-Resistant Cable Terminations

May 20, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Cable Accessories

Self-supporting, fluid-filled terminations have been used since the advent of HV cables and continue to be the first choice among most network operators due to their excellent long-term performance. Recently, composite housings have begun to replace porcelain...

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