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Optimizing Specification of Non-Gapped Line Arresters

In spite of a range of remedial measures, lightning remains one of the leading causes of line tripping disturbances. Therefore, solutions to lessen its impact remain a priority for line designers and power system operators across the globe. Installation of... Read More

Condition Assessment of Substation Surge Arresters

The metal oxide surge arrester (MOSA) is a comparatively inexpensive component within a modern power system. Typically, it is specified, purchased and installed – but then overlooked when planning condition monitoring of assets at a substation. However, an... Read More

Sheath Voltage Limiters Protect HV Power Cables

Over the past decade, demand for longer lines and higher current capacities for HV power cables has required new methods of loss prevention. At the same time, ensuring high reliability of these lines is progressively more important. Together, these... Read More

Fault Current Withstand Capability

There are two types of fault currents that can appear on power systems: ground and phase-to-phase. More important with regard to arresters is the former, which is basically the current that flows through the circuit when there is a short to ground. The... Read More

Importance of Line Entrance Arresters

At most air-insulated substations, the arrester mounted at the transformer is close enough to other equipment to provide effective protection from flashover. However this applies only if the breakers are closed. If a breaker is open, the insulators on its... Read More

Monitoring Condition of Surge Arresters

Metal oxide surge arresters have high reliability and will function as intended almost indefinitely, assuming that they have been well designed, properly manufactured and operated within their specified range of applied voltage, temporary overvoltage, surge... Read More

Figure 6: Non-gapped line arrester (NGLA). CLICK TO ENLARGE

Arrester Lead Design & Application

Once a decision is made to install a surge arrester of a particular type, design details when it comes to ideal mounting arrangement and how to deal with various line and earth lead issues can prove a challenge. These details can be made the more complex... Read More

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