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Wireless Leakage Current Monitors to Improve Network Performance

August 12, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Utility Practice & ExperienceComments (0)

As part of a program to provide an infrastructure for transmission line and substation monitoring, EPRI in the U.S. has been developing remote sensors to monitor the condition of important assets. This INMR article from 2015, contributed by Andrew J. Phillips and Chris S. Engelbrecht of EPRI USA and M. Major of SWRI reviewed the ...

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Composite Bushings with RTV Coatings Combat Pollution at Substation in Israel

July 29, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Article of the week, Utility Practice & Experience

The power system in Israel operates in a sub-tropical as well as desert environment. A long dry season lasts some eight months during which all types of contaminants – from marine to dust to industrial and agricultural – accumulate on insulators. This...

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Shazhou Will Serve as China’s ‘Demonstration’ Project for All-Composite-Insulated Substation

July 22, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Utility Practice & Experience

Nowhere in the world has composite insulator technology been so quickly and so widely adopted as in China. The reason for this lies in the country’s recent history, which has been marked by rapid economic expansion and a huge increase in coal-fired...

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Past Experience at Canadian Utility with Surge Arresters on Transmission Lines

July 22, 2017 • Arresters, ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Utility Practice & Experience

This past INMR article contributed by John Williamson, former Manager of Transmission Engineering at NB Power, described the experience at a Canadian utility regarding application of surge arresters on 69 kV and 138 kV transmission lines over a 6-year period....

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Toward More Aesthetic Power Lines

July 22, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Transmission Structures, Utility Practice & Experience

The issue of grid aesthetics is really a question of image. For example, the concept of ‘industrial soldiers marching across the landscape’ was used to support an entry in a 2008 competition for a new pylon to be used by Italian TSO Terna. This edited...

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Pole Designs Optimize Aesthetics, Feasibility & Cost

July 15, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Utility Practice & Experience

In many countries, construction of new HV and EHV overhead lines has triggered divisive public debate, with particular resistance against the use of traditional lattice towers. In the face of this, one way to promote greater acceptance and also minimize the...

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Improved Measurement of Electrical Strength

July 15, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Silicone Technology Review, Utility Practice & Experience

Dielectric Strength. Electrical strength. Breakdown voltage. Breakdown field strength. These are just some of the different terms found in datasheets used to characterize various insulating materials such as silicone rubber. Basically, all attempt to describe...

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Design of Insulator Strings for 600 kV DC Lines in Harsh Desert Environment

July 8, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Utility Practice & Experience

A bulk power HVDC link between the Central and West Saudi power grids has been designed and is under construction. The purpose of the link is to provide economic dispatch for the generating units, flexibility to share capacity under normal conditions and...

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