Editorial Columns

PPC Insulators

Insulator Performance Under Ice & Snow

Flashover problems encountered across the globe confirm that ice and snow can significantly diminish insulator performance and impact grid reliability. Much research has therefore been published on this topic and an excellent review was made by Masoud... Read More

Investigating Polymeric Housings Using the Inclined Plane Test

CIGRE Working Group D1.27 was charged with investigating polymeric materials used as external housings for insulators, arresters, bushings, instrument transformers, etc. This topic is now of growing importance given greater demand for such equipment and... Read More

Avoiding & Testing for Dielectric Puncture

Over past years, some power utilities have faced outages caused by de-capping of porcelain insulator strings – a process whereby the porcelain body separates from the insulator head. The principal mode of failure here is insulator/dielectric puncture. IEEE... Read More

The Case for Reliable Sensors

There are plenty of examples that demonstrate how vital it is that sensors always function as intended – even under abnormal situations. Tragic events such as the recent crash of an airliner in Indonesia due to a false speedometer reading or the Turkish... Read More

Assessing EHV & UHV Station Post Insulators

Developments in station post insulator technologies can help minimize arcing distances needed at busbars, disconnectors and similar apparatus and therefore contribute to more flexible substation design. In general, station posts can be optimized by using... Read More

Fault Current Withstand Capability

There are two types of fault currents that can appear on power systems: ground and phase-to-phase. More important with regard to arresters is the former, which is basically the current that flows through the circuit when there is a short to ground. The... Read More

Best Practice When Installing TLSAs

I recently participated at a conference that dealt with best practice for extra high voltage overhead lines. It was good to work with old friends and also meet other experts as we organized the program. We applauded the recent election of keynote speaker, Rob... Read More