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PPC Insulators

Characterizing Pollution Severity Needs More than Simply Relying on ESDD

Properly characterizing and measuring the pollution affecting overhead lines and substations is of great importance when specifying insulators to minimize risk of pollution flashover. While there are several relevant parameters to assess pollution severity,... Read More

Energy Ratings of Distribution Arresters

“What is the kJ/kV Uc rating of a Class 1, 10 kA arrester? This type of question has often been asked when it comes to distribution arresters. Yet finding an answer was never easy since these arresters (formerly referred to as Class 1) never had energy... Read More

Quantification of Hydrophobicity

Hydrophobicity is the most recognized property of polymeric materials used for outdoor insulation since it provides added value in terms of enhanced pollution performance. However, only the family of silicone rubber polymers has demonstrated, over years of... Read More

Digital Modeling in Insulation System Design

Given the evolution in computing power and specialized software, finite element analysis (FEA) has evolved from what used to be a mainly academic pursuit into a much-used tool for product development. Engineering simulation technology, for example, now allows... Read More

Lightning & Power Systems

In many countries across the globe, lightning accounts for a large share of line tripping and is linked to both season and specific region. Based on the physical processes involved, lightning induced overvoltages fall into one of two broad categories: those... Read More

Growing Importance of Testing HVDC Components

High voltage direct current (HVDC) has rapidly become one of the ‘hot’ topics in transmission. Since the first HVDC connections date back to the 1950s, it can hardly be called ‘new’. But recent market requirements have resurrected the technology and... Read More

High Voltage Insulator Coatings: State-of-the-Art & Future Development

A HVIC Symposium organized by the Gulf Co-operation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) was held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia this past February. Following upon an earlier such Symposium organized in Avellino, Italy last October, this next event again... Read More