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Development of Bushings for Seismic Conditions

Many regions are exposed to severe earthquakes that generate dramatic consequences in the way of loss of life and destruction to infrastructure. Since these events can neither be predicted nor prevented, the focus is on mitigation.                ... Read More

Using Dielectric Frequency Response to Assess Bushing & Instrument Transformer Insulation

Modern technology in signal acquisition and analysis techniques has provided new tools for transformer diagnostics. Of particular interest are dielectric response measurements where insulation properties of oil/paper systems can be investigated. Dielectric... Read More

Past Experience in Mexico With Non-Ceramic Bushings in Contaminated & Seismic Areas

The first application of composite insulators in Mexico began in the mid 1990s with initial use limited to transmission lines in areas with pollution problems. A growing body of service experience eventually resulted in a national standard for such insulators... Read More

Evaluating Reliability of Bushings & Related Case Histories

Resin-impregnated paper (RIP) bushings are now an established solution for many applications. Although such bushings are often referred to as ‘maintenance-free’, some of their parameters must nevertheless be monitored prior to putting them into service... Read More

Transformer Bushing Risk Mitigation (Part 1 of 2)

Statistics show that bushings are one of the main contributors to transformer failure. Their failure therefore has huge impact on reliability as well as safety of the system and operators managing the asset. With this in mind, major utilities in southeast... Read More

Optimizing Safety of HV & UHV Bushings

Safety is an important factor in the power industry due to the consequences and risks of injury from catastrophic failures of electrical equipment. This aspect must therefore always be taken into account during design – even at the inception of product... Read More

Methods to Enhance Safety & Increase Reliability of Bushings

Most countries have product safety laws and nonfulfillment can expose a manufacturer to liability apart from being detrimental to reputation. Those found responsible for an incident can even be prosecuted and held personally liable. While consumer products... Read More

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