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Porcelain Insulator Plant Invests in Expanded Production Capabilities

The past two decades have seen the marketplace for high voltage porcelain insulators impacted by intense global competition as well as a serious challenge from hollow core composite technology. At the same time, the growing number of HVDC and UHV AC and DC... Read More

Biological Growths on Composite Insulators

Composite insulators have become common on overhead lines as well as at substations due to application advantages and their attractive acquisition costs. However, the nature of polymeric housing materials is that premature ageing can be a problem if... Read More

Insulators for DC Line Applications

When it comes to DC line applications, there are ‘pure’ DC connections and also ‘hybrid’ connections – the latter being a solution to replace an AC system on an existing line route with a DC bi-pole to increase transmission capacity. While it is now... Read More

Nanotechnology & Insulators

The term ‘nano’ seems ubiquitous these days and has attained great marketing power. Consequently, it is difficult for almost any product or area of study to be too far removed from it. Insulators are no exception. The seeds of nanotechnology were probably... Read More

Widespread Blackout Triggered Study of Contaminated Snow on Insulator Strings

On 22 Dec. 2005, a severe snowstorm in northern Japan led to one of the country’s worst long-term outages in decades and impacted the Niigata Kaetsu region supplied by Tohoku Electric Power Co. About 650,000 households were affected over a maximum duration... Read More

In Praise of Coated Insulators

When there are two alternative technologies that each somehow complement the weakness of the other, combining them would seem the logical solution. This applies to traditional ceramic insulators and silicone rubber material. Porcelain and glass insulators... Read More

Achieving Confidence in Line & Substation Insulators

Reliable operation of transmission and distribution systems depends on correct selection of insulators. But proper dimensioning can be a challenge since it requires knowledge of both site contamination and insulator withstand to specific types of... Read More

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