HV/HP Testing

PPC Insulators

Design & Testing Station Insulators from Icing Point of View

Pollution exposure under icing and snow is a highly relevant environmental factor for dielectric reliability of post insulators at air-insulated substations, especially in the case of HVDC. This exposure also affects key equipment that relies on post... Read More

Performance & Ageing of Semi-Conducting Glaze Porcelain Insulators

Performance & Ageing of Semi-Conducting Glaze Porcelain Insulators

Although porcelain insulators have been used widely at all voltage levels for many years now, they have not performed entirely without problems. These typically tend to occur when pollution and moisture combine to form a highly-conductive layer on their... Read More

Designing, Testing, Building & Maintaining Compact Towers with Insulated Cross-arms

A search for new tower designs was launched in Belgium in early 2008 in conjunction with two new 400 kV projects: Stevin (extension of the 400 kV grid to the coast) and Brabo (reinforcement of the 400 kV grid in the Port of Antwerp). Requirements were:... Read More

Expanding Test Criteria to Ensure Quality of Glass Insulators

Toughened glass has been increasing its share of the total insulator business through growing application of glass strings on overhead lines. At the same time, there has been increased ‘turbulence’ in this market sector. Competition has intensified with... Read More

Predicting Performance of MV Epoxy Insulated Outdoor Equipment

Performance of MV Epoxy Insulated Outdoor Equipment

Because of its rigidity, the epoxy family of polymeric materials occupies a unique position in the field of outdoor insulation. For example, this property means that it cannot be classified as elastomeric, as are both silicone and EPDM rubbers. Also, epoxies... Read More

Using Corona Cameras to Inspect Composite Insulators

The development of UV cameras that permit corona detection even during daytime is quite a positive development for electric utilities. This is because these cameras offer yet another practical tool for routine inspection of lines and equipment. At the same... Read More

South African Utility Tested Insulator Performance

If one looks back some 30 years or so, large national power companies such as EDF in France, CEGB in the UK or ENEL in Italy were important participants in the development process for electrical insulators. In co-operation with local manufacturers, these... Read More