Contribute to MT10 of IEC TC 37 (Surge Arresters)


Maintain the Selection and application recommendations (users’ guide) IEC 60099-5.
Develop the rationales for tests specified in the IEC 60099 series standards.

Our members

Are of all ages
Come from many different countries
Come from all segments of the industry:

♦ Test laboratories
♦ Utilities
♦ Manufacturers
♦ Consultants
♦ Universities
♦ Certification bodies

Our work

Web meetings are held throughout the year on internet: ~1h on specific topics
Face to face meetings are held twice a year (available online)
Tasks: individual work on a voluntary basis between meetings
Participants give and take knowledge and experience
Participation: as a guest or a member + possibility to choose the topics of interest

Our vision

Participation: seek diversity in the active members
Simplification: assure the ease of use of publications
Harmonization: permanent links with IEEE/IEC groups
MT10 scope work: test rationales/users‘ guide worked partly in parallel during MT4/60099-11 meetings

Contact us to discuss your interests: MT10 convenor at