Commentary by Pigini

Corona Shielding for HVDC Line Insulators

December 2, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Commentary by Pigini, CoronaComments (0)

Power utilities and insulator manufacturers continue to express differing views as to the relative value of shielding electrodes in DC. So, to help settle this debate, I offer my own facts and opinions. When I arrived at CESI back in 1972, significant laboratory research had already been undertaken on the influence of shielding and grading ...

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Ofil Systems

‘Externalities’ of Overhead Power Lines

November 25, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Commentary by Pigini

Public opposition and growing environmental awareness now make identifying corridors for new overhead lines an increasingly complex process – especially near densely populated or sensitive areas. Given this, it has become important to examine methodologies...

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Dielectric Strength & Air Density

Dielectric Strength & Air Density

November 11, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Commentary by Pigini

While a number of atmospheric parameters can affect the dielectric strength of external insulation, relative air density (δ) and absolute humidity are considered the most significant. Here, I will focus on the former, which plays a key role in developing...

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Artificial Pollution Tests for Polymeric Insulators

November 11, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Commentary by Pigini, Insulators

A few years ago, CIGRE WG C4.303 published Brochure 555, “Artificial pollution test for polymer insulators: results of a round robin test”, reporting on comparative pollution tests conducted at seven laboratories on two silicone line insulator samples....

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Revising IEC 60815

August 12, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Commentary by Pigini, Editorial Columns

Specifications contained in IEC 60815 “Selection and dimensioning of high-voltage insulators intended for use in polluted conditions” are the result of work going back to 2000 when international experts in WG11 first started to set up the documents. With...

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Assessing EHV & UHV Station Post Insulators

June 17, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Commentary by Pigini

Developments in station post insulator technologies can help minimize arcing distances needed at busbars, disconnectors and similar apparatus and therefore contribute to more flexible substation design. In general, station posts can be optimized by using...

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Failures from Improper Insulator Selection

April 29, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Commentary by Pigini, Insulators

A past CIGRE Study Committee session on Overhead Lines discussed the ‘state-of-the-art’ of composite insulator technology. A spectrum of contradictory case histories with these insulators was reported, ranging from complete satisfaction at one end to...

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Smart Insulators for Smart Grids

April 22, 2017 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Commentary by Pigini

A number of trends have been driving development of transmission and distribution networks: 1. Expected increase in electrical energy consumption by developing countries; 2. Shift from fossil fuels to electricity for key end use energy sectors worldwide (e.g....

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