Benefit of Line Surge Arresters & Advantages of EGLAs (Video)

Arresters, Line Design

Benefit of Line Surge Arresters & Advantages of EGLAs by Florent Giraudet

Application of line surge arresters (LSAs) is a cost-effective means to achieve improved performance of overhead transmission lines by reducing outages due to lightning activity and poor grounding. Generally, LSAs are installed as a retrofit, in situations where other mitigation measures have not brought the improvements desired. Yet apart from improving lightning performance, they also offer additional benefits. Some users, for example, apply this technology to limit safety risk to the public, to control switching surge in order to optimize structures, to reduce clearances, to achieve line uprating and compaction and to assist in live-line work. Even though implementation of the externally gapped type line arrester (EGLA) allows outstanding results with minimal investment, this device is still realizing limited growth. Part of the reason is that users underestimate the benefits, even when facing issues with the alternative of non-gapped line arresters. Application of EGLAs not only improves performance of a power system but also lowers cost of construction and maintenance and savings become even greater if they are considered during the design stage. This presentation offers technical knowledge, experience, customer feedback and latest innovations for compact and cost-efficient lightning-proof transmission lines.

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