Efficient Simulation of Electric Line Parameters for Cables (Video)

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Efficient Simulation of Electric Line Parameters for Cables by Doug Craigen

Electromagnetic transient analysis of cables is an important aspect in design of electric power systems. While direct modeling of specific transient cases using methods such as finite element analysis is possible, it is not practical. Rather, it is preferable to conduct a frequency dependent analysis of self- and mutual-impedances as well as of constituent parameters such as capacitance, inductance, resistance and conductance between the individual conductors. These types of results can then be used efficiently, as needed, for a multitude of specific transient cases utilizing dedicated software. However, before using such results it is generally necessary to assess the accuracy of a large number of individual results relative to the needs and each set of these results can take significant time to calculate. This presentation provides a case study for a process to efficiently assess accuracy of results for a four-sector cable and sheath and adjust solver conditions as necessary.