The 2025 INMR WORLD CONGRESS comes to a country that is the very essence of connectivity.

It connects two great continents and also two great oceans. It is a dynamic business hub, with travel connections to airports across the region and the entire globe. Its well-preserved architectural gems connect past and present.

It is site of one of the world’s most ambitious and enduring engineering achievements – a project that defied and overcame monumental challenges.

It is a place with distinct indigenous peoples that continue to retain their rich and varied cultures and traditions.

It is also a place with a magnificent Casco Viejo (Old Quarter), which retains a unique legacy of historic 19th century style and architecture.

It is a sanctuary of astounding natural beauty, with verdant rain forests replete with wildlife of every sort imaginable. In fact, this country alone contains more biodiversity than all of Europe and the United States combined.

Welcome to Panama. Welcome to Panama City.

Welcome to the 2025 INMR WORLD CONGRESS, with its unique conference sessions featuring more than 120 technical lectures (both in English and in Spanish) by world experts from across the electrical power supply industry.

Welcome to the 2025 INMR WORLD CONGRESS, with its Product & Technology Exhibition, one of the industry’s most valued learning and networking events.

Welcome to the 2025 INMR WORLD CONGRESS, where industry professionals can meet and build successful partnerships.

Looking forward to welcoming you in October 2025!

Marvin Zimmerman
Chairman & Organizer, 2025 INMR WORLD CONGRESS