Using Grid Analytics to Evaluate Lightning Protection (Video)

Inspection & Asset Management, Maintenance

Using Grid Analytics to Evaluate Lightning Protection by John Lauletta

Predictive maintenance is a proven technique to lower operating costs and improve system performance. Capturing and assessing the condition of a transmission and distribution grid enables such predictive maintenance but can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, new technologies applied to grid surveys using advanced RF emission and ultrasonic acoustical emission detection and discrimination allow rapid assessment of large areas of the grid. Such evaluation of large grid geographies gives rise to statistically significant grid analytics that can then be used to evaluate unique grid conditions and define systemic problems. This presentation reviews technologies used for grid assessment and related deployment strategies and discusses typical maintenance efforts to utilize predictive maintenance analytics. A case study identifying failure of lightning arrester protection is also presented as is use of novel RF survey technology to identify grid conditions that indicate deteriorated electrical equipment.


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