Wildlife Protection

PPC Insulators

Protective Devices Installed to Reduce Wildlife Outages at Distribution Substation

Among the most vulnerable links in any power network are the points of interaction between live equipment and wildlife – from birds to scavenging carnivores. Taken together, these creatures present a constant threat to the safe operation of network assets.... Read More

Resolving Pollution & Wildlife Problems on Distribution Systems

Pollution problems affecting insulators are certainly not new to power companies operating in the southeastern United States. For example, INMR articles from the 1990s reported on major ‘salt storms’ that led to widespread outages, such as in 1991 when... Read More

Birds: More Threat to Lines or Threatened by Lines?

As industrial contamination is coming under more and more scrutiny and control in many countries, the issue of flashover outages attributed to birds (often included under the category of ‘unexplained outages’) is becoming a growing problem. As service... Read More

Bird Streamer Outages

The problem of outages on overhead transmission lines due to streamer-type flashovers is caused by typical bird behavior after perching on a tower cross-arm. Before taking-off, they usually empty their bowels and release up to 60 cm3 of excrement mixed with... Read More