Silicone Technology Review

PPC Insulators

Better Understanding Erosion Testing

International standardization is definitely helpful. Standards for electrical insulating materials and insulating systems allow power engineers and other technical experts across the globe to better understand each other and develop international exchange of... Read More

Hydrophobicity: What is the Real Impact?

The term ‘hydrophobicity’ has by now become an all too familiar catchword in the power industry. Yet many users of hydrophobic materials and those that provide hydrophobicity transfer are still not fully aware of its significance on performance of... Read More

Improved Measurement of Electrical Strength

Dielectric Strength. Electrical strength. Breakdown voltage. Breakdown field strength. These are just some of the different terms found in datasheets used to characterize various insulating materials such as silicone rubber. Basically, all attempt to describe... Read More

RTV Coatings: More Housings or Finishes?

Readers of INMR are certainly aware that RTV coatings have achieved a permanent place in the diverse group of silicone elastomers used in outdoor power applications. These special materials were originally developed and applied to turn the hydrophilic surface... Read More