Testing Experience on Extruded Cable Systems up to 525 kV DC (Video)

Cables & Accessories, HV/HP Testing

Testing Experience on Extruded Cable Systems up to 525 kV DC by Paolo Miolo

Growth in installation of cable systems worldwide is being driven by the boom in renewable power generation, increased use of interconnectors and submarine cables construction of urban substations in cities with huge populations and general public resistance to new overhead lines. In this regard, both transmission system operators and distribution system operators are looking for innovative solutions to further develop their grids while also demanding components that deliver the highest quality. Moreover, especially for long distance transmission with minimal losses, DC is finding more and more preference, in some cases helping supplant old HVAC networks. For example, many billions will be made in new investments in HVDC over the next two years to keep pace with development of renewables globally while, over the next decade, the market for HV submarine cables will reach $ 25 billion, with about 3/4 of the projects located in Europe. Independent testing and certification provided by a third party is seen as the best way to deliver the qualification process for a cable system so that utilities and network operators can be confident of delivering a reliable electricity supply. This presentation highlights experience gained during the first long duration tests for 525 kV DC cable systems, performed both in the laboratory and outdoors.

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