Prayer for 2021


“We must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

                                                                                                  Mahatma Ghandi

INMR is an international journal whose mission is to contribute to the technical knowledge of engineers and other professionals involved in power transmission and distribution. Commenting on unrelated issues is something we have scrupulously avoided. Yet the extraordinary past months have made us decide to break with this policy one time.

It would be simple to think of 2020 as having been defined only by a microscopic organism that raged from the moment the year began and upended the way we work, socialize and live. But there is another side to the terrible pandemic that also needs to be considered.

Humanity and our ecosystems continue to face threats whose consequences will be even more devastating and permanent than COVID-19. We should learn from this rare moment of global solidarity in battling the virus and apply the same dedication when confronting the challenges of climate change, irreversible environmental degradation and mass extinctions.

The past few years have shown the great harm that can occur when science and truth are thrown aside in order to achieve political goals. The demise of the most dangerous proponent of such ‘alternate reality’ provides immense comfort and also an important lesson.

Now is the time to overcome division. What unites humanity is far greater than what makes us different. The only way we can ever hope to meet the daunting challenges we still must face after COVID is through international goodwill, continued common purpose and shared responsibility.

INMR staff share with readers a prayer that 2021 will mark the start of much needed hope and healing. And not only from the virus. Also, from years of senseless political intrigues that have distracted us from what we must work so diligently to achieve.


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