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The 2023 INMR WORLD CONGRESS, which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand in mid-November will be a valuable skills enrichment and networking event. Experts from across the globe will deliver over 100 technical lectures covering key aspects of design, testing, application and inspection of key components for overhead lines, underground power cables and substations.

Among these experts will be:

Prof. Dr. Igor Gutman of the Independent Insulation Group in Sweden, who will deliver three lectures on test methods and pollution modeling for insulators:

1. Evaluation of Recovery of Hydrophobicity of Composite Insulators: Test Methods Available
2. Progress in IEC Standardization of Test Methods for Pollution Testing of Composite Insulators
3. Advanced Pollution Modeling for Insulators: Verification by Direct Measurements & Service Experience

Professor Mohamed Zainal Abidin Ab Kadir of the Centre for Electromagnetic & Lightning Protection Research, Advanced Lightning, Power and Energy Research, Universiti Putra, Malaysia,

who will cover two important topics:

1. Issues & Challenges in Voltage Uprating: Case Study of 132 kV Transmission Line in Malaysia

2. Efficient & Reliable Asset Utilization: Optimizing Line Ampacities through Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)

Julius Purnama, Electrical Engineering Consultant, Teslatama & Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi, Indonesia who will discuss

Case Studies of Lightning Disturbances on Java-Madura-Bali Transmission Lines & Performance Improvement

Anthony Ng, Manager, Baur in Hong Kong who will deliver a technical presentation on:

Increasing Confidence in Medium Voltage Cable Diagnostics: Evaluation Logics & Strategic Approach

Ts. Mohd Faris Ariffin, Specialist, Distribution Engineering Centre, Asset Management Dept., Distribution Network Div., Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia who will present on:

Application of Line Lightning Protection Device onto 33 kV Overhead Lines with High Soil Resistivity to Mitigate Transient Interruptions Due to Lightning

Poorvi Patel, Manager, Strategic Insight, Technology Innovation, EPRI, United States who will talk about:

Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR): A Novel Diagnostic Tool for Bushings

Rizally Priatmadja, Asst. Manager of Transmission Maintenance Planning & Evaluation, PLN Persero (Indonesian TSO), Indonesia, who will give a lecture on:

EGLA Application on 70 kV Overhead Transmission Line in Indonesia:
Statistics, Design, & Lightning Performance Review

Michele de Nigris, Director, Sustainable Development & Energy Sources, RSE, Italy who will present three lectures:

1. Increasing Resilience of Underground Distribution Lines Against Heat Waves: Case Study from Milan, Italy
2. Wildfires as Increasing Threat to Overhead Lines: Experience in Italy
3. Monitoring, Mapping & Mitigating Threat of Surface Contamination to Enhance Resilience: Case Study of Overhead Transmission Lines in Italy

Raghvendra Singh Pal, Business Development Manager (India & Sub-Continent), Engineering Silicones, Wacker Metroark Chemicals, India who will make a presentation on:

High Performance Silicones for Transmission & Distribution Applications

Wolfgang Manzke, Senior Engineer, KEMA Labs, Germany, who will review:

Experience with Salt Fog Testing of Composite Insulators

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