Meet & Learn from 100 International Experts at the 2022 INMR WORLD CONGRESS


The 2022 INMR WORLD CONGRESS will consist of 7 different Sessions, each devoted to specific aspects of design, application, inspection, certification, testing and manufacture of components for overhead lines, power cables and substations.

In total, more than 100 speakers will deliver 120 technical lectures over the 3 days of the Conference. Among these expert speakers will be:

Samuel Asto Soto
Transmission Line Coordinator
Power Grid of Peru, Peru
Paper Topic:
Composite Insulator Performance in Aggressive Service Environments: Comparison vs. Coated Glass Insulators
Kamran Rezaei
Transmission Design, Transpower, New Zealand
Paper Topic:
Application of Leakage Current Monitoring in Design of HVDC Insulation
Harry Gumilang
Manager Live Maintenance & Maintenance Facility, PLN Persero, Indonesia
Paper Topic:
Maintenance Strategy to Increase Power Transformer Reliability: Experience in Indonesia
Krzysztof Lenarczyk
Head of Transmission Lines Engineering, PSE Transmission System Operator, Poland
Paper Topic:
Static Analysis of Transmission Line Outages Due to Lightning Discharges
Aitor Kortajarena
Manager, Electrical Laboratories, Tecnalia, Spain
Paper Topic:
Lessons from Two Decades Experience Commissioning Testing HV Power Cables
Jesse Hoffman
Engineering Manager, Energy Systems Group, United States
Paper Topic:
Surge Arrester Considerations in Utility Scale Photovoltaic Systems

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