Design, Testing & Installation of EGLAs for 765 kV

HV/HP Testing

American Electric Power is one of the largest investor-owned public utility holding companies in the United States. AEP’s electric utility operating companies provide generation, transmission and distribution services to more than 5 million retail customers across several states, incuding Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. AEP’s subsidiaries operate an extensive portfolio of assets including:

• Approximately 224,000 circuit miles of distribution lines that deliver electricity to 5.5 million customers;

• Approximately 40,000 circuit miles of transmission lines, including approximately 2,200 circuit miles of 765 kV lines, the backbone of the electric interconnection grid in the eastern United States;

• Approximately 22,500 MWs of regulated owned generating capacity and approximately 4,600 MWs of regulated PPA capacity in 3 RTOs as of December 31, 2021, one of the largest complements of generation in the United States.

AEP started investigation of lightning protection for their 765 kV transmission lines using arresters in 2018.

Two different designs of LSAs are available, each with relative advantages and inconveniences:

AEP decided to use an EGLA solution for cost-saving reasons, once the LSA suppliers were able to develop a universal retrofit solution.

Attend the 2022 INMR WORLD CONGRESS in Berlin to listen to a presentation by Chade Neeman of Siemens Energy. He will describe development, design and installation of the first EGLA for UHV systems with maximum voltage of 800 kV, tested according to the latest standard (IEC 60099-8, ed. 2.0). He will also discuss important challenges as well as basic functional requirements, such as severe service conditions, difficult insulation coordination due to present tower design, high-energy ratings and difficult installation accessibility. Finally, he will offer recommendations and how these compare with existing alternative solutions.