A Power Industry Book Like No Other. Coming in 2018 …

December 24, 2016 • ARTICLE ARCHIVE, Editorial by Marvin
PPC Insulators

There is no shortage of technical texts serving the information needs of the world’s electrical power industry. That’s why INMR has a chosen a different format for its coming book that will celebrate 25 years of reporting on power line and substation projects across the globe. INMR’s 25th Anniversary Edition will be a 350+ page book that covers the technologies, the people and the events that powered progress in this industry over the past quarter century:

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Only INMR – based on interviews with over a thousand power engineering professionals and its archive of over 80,000 proprietary images – can tell the story not only in words but also with remarkable photos that allow readers to feel they are on-site themselves.

INMR’S 25th Anniversary Edition will also nominate the 50 people who most influenced technical progress in such fields as insulators, arresters, bushings and cable accessories. The contribution and lives of industry luminaries who passed over this period will also be commemorated.

All INMR readers can look forward to receive this book in early 2018. Watch for it.

Marvin L. Zimmerman