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Foreword & Editor’s Comments

Chapter 1:INMR’s Best Photos & the Stories Behind Them

Chapter 2:Those Who Helped Drive Progress: 1993 – 2018

Chapter 3:Tribute to Lost Colleagues

Chapter 4:Remarkable Transmission Towers

Lattice Towers Allowed Range of Design Possibilities
Cross Rope Towers Optimized Cost & Performance
Stylish Towers Remain Aesthetic Leaders
Colossal Towers Becamwe Landmarks
Best Transmission Structure Can Be None at All
Transmission Towers Showcase Departure
from Past Norms
Unique Design Inspired by Concept of ‘Tensegrity’
Gigantic Towers Move Across Wind-Swept
Mediterranean Coast
Rust-Color Towers Stride Through Orange Groves
Six-Decade Old Rim Towers Still a Marvel
Towers for Sensitive Line Had to Meet
Several Requirements
Sturdy Sentinels Carry EHV Lines Across Mighty River
Unwieldy Towers Clutter the Sky
Massive Yet Elegant Towers Dominate Busy Shipping Strait
Stylistic Towers Marked End of Lattice Type Structures
Cable Termination Tower Designed to be Landmark
Saluting Local Tennis Hero Overcame Approval Hurdle
Transmission Towers that Double As Landing Pads
Phase Transposition Towers of Much Different Design
Some Transmission Structures
Noteworthy for Wrong Reason
Towers Offer Motorists Artistic if Costly
Respite Along Busy Highway
More Aesthetic Lines Achieved with Range
Range of Tower Designs
Lake Crossing Towers from 1950s
Set World Record for Span
Captivating Cable Transition Tower
World’s First 400 kV Compact Towers from 1990s
Still Captivate

Chapter 5:Overhead Line Design

Making Overhead Lines More Acceptable
U.S. Utility Set High Standard for Urban Line Design
Dutch Grid Operator’s New Transmission Line Design
Canadian 500 kV Line Section Designed for
Sensitive Environment
Compact HV Lines in Israel
Compact Design Allowed Line Upgrade Under
Severe Restrictions
Aesthetic Tower Helped Danish Grid Operator
Obtain Approvals for New 400 kV Line
Tower Served As Early Model for Compact Line Design
Optimal Dimensioning of Grading Rings for
Composite Insulators
Optimal Insulator Design for High Altitude Lines
Selecting & Dimensioning Insulators for HVDC
World’s Highest HVDC Line Delivers Power to Tibet
Spanish Grid Operator Built Compact 220 kV Line
Design Factors in Norwegian TSO’s New ±525 kV Line
Belgian TSO Used Insulated Cross-Arms On New Project

Chapter 6:Substation Design

Shazhou Serves as ‘Demonstration Project’
for All-Composite-Insulated Substation
Expanded Urban Substation Part of Grid
Refurbishment in Mexico City
HVDC Converter Station Faced Initial Challenges
Under Hung Busbar Concept Allowed
New Substation Design
Australian Substation Focused on
Environmentally-Sensitive Design
Substation Features 1000 kV Composite Bushings
765 kV Substation Plays Key Role in
Power Supply to Korean Capital
Chinese Power Supply Bureau Worked to
Improve Reliability at Key Substation

Chapter 7:Insulator Technologies & Market Forces

Overview of Insulator Technologies
Modes of Insulator Failure
Failure of HV Line Insulators
Interfaces in Composite Insulators
Biological Contamination of Insulators
Porcelain Suspension Insulators:
Microscopic Details Can Impact Service Performance
Ageing of Porcelain Insulators
Development of Composite Insulator Technology
Silicone Insulators in China: Lessons from
30+ Years Experience
Insulators: Recent Market Growth & Experience
Shed Profiles for Composite Insulators

Chapter 8:Surge Arrester Technologies & Market Forces

Development of Distribution Arrester Technology
Development of Station Class/HV Arrester Technology
Principal Failure Modes for Surge Arresters
Specifying IEC Certified Arresters
Optimizing Specification of Non-Gapped Line Arresters
Forensic Analysis of Surge Arresters
Overview of On-Line Condition Monitoring &
Field Testing of Surge Arresters
Design & Application of Polymeric Station-Class
Surge Arresters
Metal Oxide Discs Impact Arrester Performance
Assessing Condition of Substation Surge Arresters
Review of Recent Changes to Arrester
Standard IEC 60099-4
Programs to Install Line Arresters at 400 kV

Chapter 9:Bushing Technologies & Market Forces

Bushings Technology Review: Designs & Tendencies
RIS Bushing Technology:Reliability Testing &
Field Experience
Evaluating Reliability of Bushings
Increasing Transformer Reliability by
Proactive Bushing Fleet Management
Testing Safety & Risks Affecting Operation of Bushings

Chapter 10:Cable Accessory Technologies & Market Forces

Future of Cable & Accessory Design: MV to EHV
Dry-Type Cable Termination Design
Material & Design Requirements for MV Cable Accessories
Condition Assessment of HV Cable Terminations
New Joint Design Aims at Reducing Underground
HV Cable Costs
New Design of Dry Type Cable Terminations
Testing Cable Terminations Under Polluted Conditions

Chapter 11:Laboratory Testing & Certifcation

The Case for Third-Party Certification
Testing for Safety & Risks Affecting Operation
of HV Cable Terminations, Bushings & Arresters
Overview of Test Requirements & Case
Histories for HV Bushings
Testing Cable Terminations Under Polluted Conditions
Innovations in Type & Commissioning
Testing of High Voltage Cables

Chapter 12:Assessing & Designing for Pollution

Principles for Better Selection of Insulators for
Polluted Service Conditions
Design & Testing Composite Insulators to
Verify Pollution Performance Under DC
CIGRÉ Principles for DC Insulation Selection
Optimizing Insulation Design for Harsh
Service EnvironmentsDDGs & Reference Insulators Help Monitor Pollution

Chapter 13:Assessing & Designing for Pollution

Injection Molding Solid Core Composite Insulators
Advances in Crimping Technology for Manufacturing
Composite Insulators
Modular Assembly of Composite Long Rod Insulators
Manufacturing Hollow Core Composite Insulators
Manufacturing Glass Insulators
Manufacturing Electrical Porcelain

Chapter 14:Corona & Visualization Technology

Corona: Deadly Enemy for Polymeric Insulation
Visualizing Defects in HV Components
Protecting Composite Insulators from Corona

Chapter 15:Wildlife Protection

Growing Application of Protective Devices
Aims to Reduce Outages Triggered by Wildlife
Birds: Threat to or Threatened by Lines?
Performance Attributes for Cover Type
Wildlife Protective Devices

Chapter 16:Silicone & RTV Coatings

Chemistry & Properties of Silicones
Substation Maintenance Using RTV Silicone Coatings
RTV Coatings on Glass Line Insulators

Chapter 17:Weather Extremes & Natural Disasters

Energy & Meteorology
Evaluating Hazards of Lightning on Transmission Lines
Impact of Icing on Transmission Lines
Hazards of Strong Winds on Transmission Lines
Wildfire Hazard to Transmission Lines
Effect of Volcanic Ash on Outdoor Insulators
Reducing Ice Accretion Using Super Hydrophobic
Coatings on Conductors & Insulators

Chapter 18:INMR WORLD CONGRESSES: 1995 to 2017

Networking, Socializing & Just Plain Fun

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