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Improving TOV Testing

Members of my taskforce in IEC TC37 MT4 are working to rationalize type tests within IEC 60099-4. In the process, we have been looking at a test that has been basic for all IEC type arresters since the 1991 edition, namely the Temporary Overvoltage Test (TOV)... Read More

Energy Ratings of Distribution Arresters

“What is the kJ/kV Uc rating of a Class 1, 10 kA arrester? This type of question has often been asked when it comes to distribution arresters. Yet finding an answer has not been easy since these arresters (formerly referred to as Class 1) never had energy... Read More

IEC Standards for Arresters: Now & In the Future

Harmonization As a long-time member and contributor to both IEC and IEEE, I feel that there is now excellent collaboration among those involved in setting standards for surge arresters. Sill, while both IEC and IEEE arrester Working Groups have been trying to... Read More

Do Your Station Class Arresters Have Adequate Fault Current Withstand Capability?

Station class arresters since 1980 have typically been based around various types of metal oxide varistors. Despite having been designed to withstand most power system surges, it’s still possible for these varistors to become overloaded or fail such that... Read More

Understanding Energy Rating of Distribution Arresters

ERRATUM: The Qtr 2, 2016 issue of INMR is now on its way to subscribers but contains an error in the column Woodworth on Arresters. That error is corrected below, in red. INMR and Jon Woodworth regret any inconvenience caused by this error.  “What is the... Read More

Superior Choice to Shield Wire for Transmission Lines

Superior Choice to Shield Wire for Transmission Lines

A past conference on power system design included a thought-provoking presentation where the speaker challenged attendees, and especially the next generation of transmission line engineers, to build lines with more emphasis on ‘sustainability’. The... Read More

Arrester Patent Led to Paradigm Shift

Arrester Patent Led to Paradigm Shift

Many changes have transpired in the arrester industry over the past 25 years, but the one word that perhaps best summarizes the most important is, ‘polymers’. The transition to polymeric housings started a few years before 1990 and fundamentally... Read More

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