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PPC Insulators
Standards & Complex Insulation Applications

Standards & Complex Insulation Applications

Projects with voltages of 800 kV DC and 1000 kV AC represented major milestones in the development of equipment and insulators for electrical transmission. For applications where pollution is an issue or where high seismic performance is required, composite... Read More

Reviewing Interesting Topics in SC D1 at CIGRE 2016

Three particularly interesting papers were presented during the Technical Meeting of Study Committee D1 under Preferential Subject 1, Compact Insulation Systems (AC and DC). What made them so interesting was not only their content but also their relevance to... Read More

CIGRE 2016 Unveiled New Cable & Accessory Designs

HVDC cables that transmit large amounts of power over long distances have now become increasingly important in power systems. Indeed, one of the signs of on-going progress in the field took place two years ago with introduction of 525 kV extruded XLPE HVDC... Read More

Recent General Session of CIGRE

A quick review of papers submitted at this past 2016 CIGRE General Session shows impressive growth in their number, with a total of 543 international contributions compared to 467 back in 2014. In terms of insulators, insulator tests and materials as well as... Read More

Overhead Lines in the 21st Century: Technologies, Challenges & Solutions

This INMR article is the Key-Note Address of Dr. Konstantin Papailiou, Chairman CIGRE SC B2 (Overhead Lines) at the 2015 INMR WORLD CONGRESS. Introduction High voltage overhead transmission lines look back of over 100 years of successful usage since they have... Read More

CIGRE Working Groups Deal with Range of Insulator Topics

CIGRE Working Groups Deal with Range of Insulator Topics

Recently established working groups (WGs) within CIGRE deal with a number of aspects of polymeric outdoor insulation. For example, WG B2.57 of Study Committee B2, Overhead Lines, conducts a survey of operating experience with composite insulators and proposes... Read More

Coming CIGRE General Session

Coming CIGRE General Session

Starting August 21, the 46th CIGRE Session will be held in Paris. As is probably well known to most readers, the format of the event sees Special Reporters, appointed by the Chairman of each respective Study Committee (SC), read through papers accepted for... Read More