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PPC Insulators

Pollution & Ageing Performance of Composite DC Line Insulators: Service & Test Experience

About 20 million composite line insulators are already in service on HVAC overhead lines all over the world. Moreover, the growth in market penetration of this technology seems exponential. The first installations were in Germany in 1967, predominantly in... Read More

Insulator Corrosion Affected HVDC Lines in China

In March 2011, problems of electrolytic corrosion on the caps of ceramic cap & pin insulator strings began appearing on the world’s first ±800 kV HVDC line, located in southern China. This line – known as Chu-Sui – runs across 1200 km of mostly... Read More

Modular HVDC System Interconnects Countries of Arabian Gulf

American inventor and ardent DC advocate, Thomas Edison, seems destined to have the last laugh. Progress in power electronics and insulation design over recent years have finally helped DC achieve major gains against AC systems which, despite Edison’s... Read More

Transmission Line Arresters Lower Losses & Increase Reliability

Given the possible application of line arresters to mitigate the effects of lightning, it strikes me as inexplicable that arresters are not being used more often to reduce momentary lightninginduced outages on transmission lines. I have asked experts to... Read More

Reducing Ice Accretion Using ‘Super-Hydrophobic’ Coatings on Conductors & Insulators

CIGRE Brochure 438 (2010) reviews systems to predict and monitor ice accretion on power networks and also discusses the different anti-icing and deicing methods currently available. These countermeasures are divided into both ‘active’ methods (such as... Read More

Norwegian Utility Re-Dimensioned Insulation in Voltage Upgrade Project

Norwegian Utility Re-Dimensioned Insulation in Voltage Upgrade Project

Norwegian power utility, Statnett, operates a network of over 10,000 km of overhead lines from 132 to 420 kV. Recent changes in power flow made it necessary to increase capacity so, like many transmission system operators, Statnett is working towards building... Read More

Algerian Grid Operator Focuses on Challenges of Harsh Service Environment

If someone had to rank transmission service environments across the globe in terms of the severity of their pollution challenges, Algeria would surely find itself near the top of the list. Covering a vast expanse of some 2.3 million sq km, it is the largest... Read More