2019/20 INMR POWER ENGINEERS HANDBOOK inmr power engineers handbook 2019/20 INMR POWER ENGINEERS HANDBOOK 2019 Power Handbook




Chapter 2:Photos & Their Stories

Chapter 3:Lines & Substations: Developments & Service Experience

Innovative Tower Solutions & Line Uprating
Resolving Insulation Problems in High Pollution Environments
Modeling E-Field on Transmission Lines
Overcoming Corrosion of Hardware on Suspension Insulators for UHV DC Lines
Applying Composite Line Insulators Under Natural Pollution
Applying Composite Interphase Spacers to Prevent Conductor Galloping
Implementing a Compact 400 kV Line
Impact of Climate Change on Power Systems & Electrical Insulation: Experience in Italy

Chapter 4:Insulators & Bushings: Technology & Applications

Achieving Increased Confidence in Transmission Line & Substation Insulators
Standards & Progress in Insulator Technology
Insulator Dimensioning for AC to DC Line Conversion
Pollution Performance of Composite Hollow Core Insulators
Impact of Biological Growths on Composite Insulators
Materials Toward Development of Insulators of the Future
Coating Porcelain Line Insulators to Prevent Pollution Flashover
Innovations & Challenges in Insulator Design for UHV
Development of Polymeric Insulation for Today’s Network Requirements
Key Issues for Future of Composite Insulators
Assessing & Mitigating Corona on Composite Line Insulators
Seismic Performance of Porcelain Insulators at Substations

Chapter 5:Surge Arresters: Technology & Applications

Arrester Housing Design & Application
Arrester Protection Distances at Substations
Assessing Benefits of Transmission Line Arresters
Surge Protection of Substations
Best Practice in Lightning Protection of Distribution Systems
Interaction of Line Surge Arresters with Vibration Dampers
Mitigating Lead Stresses on Line Arresters
Technology & Application of Arresters that Extend Life of Cables
Application Experience with Transmission Line Arresters
Monitoring Condition of Surge Arresters
Arrester Lead Design & Application
Reducing Switching Surge Voltage to Meet Critical Line Clearances
MOV Protection of Series Capacitor Banks


Quick Reference Chart for Products Offered by Suppliers
Index of Suppliers by Type of Product
Electrical Insulators
Surge Arresters
Cable Accessories
FRP Rods & Tubes
Metal Fittings
Miscellaneous Components & Equipment
Overhead Line Hardware
Polymeric Materials for Insulators, Arresters, Cable Accessories, etc.
Production Machinery & Molds
RTV Silicone Coatings, Silicone Greases
Test & Inspection Equipment/Services
Wildlife Protection Products
Listings of Suppliers

Chapter 7:Laboratory Testing

Development & Testing Surge Arresters for DC Applications
Testing Adhesion Between Fiberglass Rod & Housing in Composite Insulators
Development & Testing Bushings for Seismic Conditions
Testing Corona, Pollution & Icing Performance of Insulation Structures
Testing DC Cables & Accessories: Experience & Requirements
DC Dielectric & Pollution Testing
Testing RTV-Coated Glass Insulators
Testing Polymeric Insulators to Verify Pollution Performance Under DC
Dielectric Type Testing of 400 kV Polymeric Insulator Set
Check Points & Testing to Screen Quality of Line Insulators
Full-Scale Testing HVDC Insulators for High Salt/High Icing Environment
Laboratory Set-Up for Corona & RIV Testing on Transmission Line Assemblies


Quick Reference Chart for Testing Services Offered
Index of Laboratories by Type of Test
High Voltage Tests
High Power Tests
Other Tests
Listings of Laboratories

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